Hi 👋
I'm Santosh Tamang
Software Developer


I am Santosh Tamang

Quick learner and an aspiring Software developer with core knowledge of Laravel. Looking forward to applying and enhancing my skills and knowledge as a developer.

Drop a mail : [email protected]

Education and Work

Software Developer


2021 - Present

Diploma in Computer Engineering

Pokhara Engineering College, Pokhara

2018 - 2021

High Level Education

Shree Ree Gaun Secondary School

2007 - 2018


HTML, CSS, JavaScript



CTEVT Question Bank.

CTEVT Question bank is the android app there is designed to reduce the students problem to take knowledge for work. It is very defficult for CTEVT students to find old model question to do practice so by using this app user able to find old model questions of their faculty. By using this app, user is able to find old model questions and syllabus which is related their subject matter. It will provide the proper guidance and idea for his/her problems.



“HOSPINFO POKHARA” is the web-site that is built to reduce the people’s problem to know the information, bed status, location and phone number and many more about hospitals in pokhara. It is very difficult to find bed’s status of hospital in current COVID time so this project helps us to find the bed’s status of hospital inside pokhara valley. We also know information about the hospital and doctors so user can choose according to their needs. Guest user has only permission to view the information about hospital, doctor and bed status but authenticate user have permission to view all information as well as to call hospital and doctors. There are two type of admin in this project system admin and the hospital admin. System admin control the system and manage the profile and the hospital admin add the status of bed’s and the information of doctors and hospital.